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Carl Landman Company Inc. (Landmark Coffee)
Pioneers in Gourmet Coffee Bean Sales and Marketing

Carl Landman Co Inc. was established by Carl Landman who began selling gourmet coffee beans in 1957 for the JJ Adams coffee. It was located in an abandoned sardine cannery on the now famous Cannery Row in Monterey California. At that time, gourmet coffee beans were only available in a handful of family-run storefront roasteries in the North Beach section of San Francisco and in a few other major US cities. Carl pioneered the distribution of high quality coffees throughout the Northern California region. He was the first to sell fresh gourmet beans in small, consumer sized bags to major grocery chains.

In the mid 1970's Carl began representing United Coffee Corp. located on 3rd St. on the edge of the bay in San Francisco (now called now "Mission Bay"). The company was owned by the Mountanos family, a third generation Greek-American family roastery. Carl developed a 12oz bag line of fine quality coffees for United Coffee. These were brown, kraft-paper bags labeled simply "Coffee Beans". This line quickly expanded to become a major item in many grocery chain stores throughout the US.

Carl Landman ended his relationship with United Coffee after its sale in 1980. After years of representing other coffee roasters, Carl along with his wife Doris and son Jim established their own brand, "Landmark Coffee Beans". The business thrived and continued to supply supermarkets and a few deli's throughout the country. In the mid 1980's Mr. Landman was able to convince the then new "Price Club" to try a few varieties of, two pound bags of  fresh roasted beans. Gourmet coffees in value pack bags sold at really low prices were an immediate hit at "Price Club".

The club store business grew much more rapidly than the grocery market segment which was then consolidating. Along with consolidation came a new phenomenon known as "Slotting Fees". Carl found this new practice to be morally reprehensible. He firmly believed that an item belonged on a store shelf because consumers liked it, not because someone paid for it to be there. This caused Carl to spin off Landmark's traditional grocery segment and focus on the expanding warehouse club business.

Shortly after Price Club became Costco in the mid 1990's, Carl’s son Jim (now running the company), was able to move Landmark Coffee over to Sams Club (along with hundreds of loyal fans). At that time, Sam’s Club was new in the region. Landmark Coffees have been sold there ever since.

Today, Landmark Coffee continues to flourish, selling value packs of high quality coffee beans to Sams Clubs in Northern CA & NV, as well as in many Wal-mart stores throughout the West-coast and Northeast regions. Landmark Coffee is also available nationally online at: or by calling 1-800-821-8184